Thursday, April 2, 2009

teenage boys

This is kind of a dark picture but that makes it even more teenager-ish. I came downstairs last night after getting Oona to sleep and was just struck by how teenager-ish Jack and Pat were - lounging in front of screens. The room was filled with the aura, for lack of a better word, of teenage boys. When I'm with friends with babies, sometimes I forget that I'm the mother of two teenage boys as well. The boys have such an amazing bond with their Dad. Being a step-parent has its challenges that's for sure. I'm really honored to be mother to the boys. I'm also aware of a slight distance or otherness. I'm often sad that I wasn't there for them when they were younger and wonder if we would have bonded more then. It really has worked out that Eric is the primary parent for the boy and I am for the girls. It's an interesting dynamic. Eric goes to the store and the boys jump at the chance to go with their Dad. I invite them and they're not interested. At the same time I have the privelege of making sure they are fed, clothed and sheltered and that they are behaving themselves.

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