Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sleep troubles

I am pretty sure that Gemma fed Oona cheese yesterday. You want to know how I know? Flailing limbs connecting with various body parts the most painful of which being the boob and the face, squirming, fussing, and a certain baby named Oona wanting to be up seemingly non-stop to chew my nipples off. There is something up with her latch. I don't know if it's because she has a small mouth or if I'm being lazy or what. I try to get her to open as wide as she can. And still I end up with teeth indentations every time I nurse. Oh, I am so tired... I hear my Dad's voice in my ear saying "quit your moaning..." So I apologize for using this blog merely to complain.

My friend Ivory is going through night-weaning with her little one. Her blog cites this article. I am getting absolutely desperate for sleep and plan on joining her in using the sleep plan described in the article. I've even calculated when the first opportunity to try it will be. Eric needs to be done with finals and have his grades turned in because I don't know if I can do it without his support. It will also have to start on a Thursday because I work Tuesdays and Thursdays. So the magic day is May 14. And that seems waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy to far away. I swear, when you're in that desperate I need to sleep now mode, every movement and whine and fuss feels like a wire rasping on the side of a gong. You have the irritation of the rasping sound but then it reverberates throughout your entire being and it is so incredibly hard to keep your patience. Did you know telling your baby loudly and firmly, allright, yelling at your baby, GO TO SLEEP, is not an effective way to soothe your baby to sleep? Luckily, in spite of Eric's absolute exhaustion, he took Oona for a couple hours and I slept on the couch - with no flailing limbs around to keep me up.

This morning my entire body aches. I'm so thankful for those couple hours of sleep because otherwise I wouldn't function at all, instead of only semi-functioning.

On the docket for the day... Meeting at a daycare we're hoping the girls will be able to go to. (Guilt alert, guilt alert. Do all Mom's feel guilt over leaving their babies at daycare? The boys went to daycare and they're fine. And it is only for two days a week. And it will allow me to work and to take classes one at a time.) Then it is off to Wally world (more low level guilt for supporting a big-box store) to get a new car seat for Gemma (Wal Mart does have the lowest price I could find and my pocket book thanks me) and materials for our upcoming car trip. We've decided to turn Oona forward facing for our trip so she will be using Gemma's old seat. She turns one on Saturday and is more than twenty pounds. I know you're supposed to leave them rear-facing as long as possible but she really is growing out of the infant car seat and I think she'll be a lot happier forward facing (thus making the driver more alert and happy). That is how I persuade myself that it is a good idea, anyway. Wow, you would think I was a tad neurotic or something, wouldn't you? What with all the anxiety about "am I doing the right thing?" I really hope I am. It's so hard to know for sure. And maybe it is completely unavoidable to have your grown up kids talking about how awful you were/are to their therapist and night weaning was just the beginning...


  1. Hang in there, this too shall pass on and then we can reminisce and laugh about it while we drink whine and eat chocolate and fall into bed for 11 hours uninterrupted. :) and then probably miss our kids who are off at college.

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  3. ha ha ha typo *wine* but super funny that the real word was whine, and then even typoe'd the reply... ahhh sleep... where are you ?