Friday, April 3, 2009

knitting dream

I had my first detailed and remembered knitting dream last night. I was at a knitting store buying yarn and taking a knitting class. I bought some 50% silk, 50% viscose (yes, the word viscose was in my dream) sea green yarn that had a gold thread in it. In fact, they didn't have enough of the yarn and so I bought the sample sweater and was using the yarn from it to make my own sweater. Also, I was discussing sock yarn with another person (unidentifiable) and how I love to wear hand knit socks but that they're not my favorite thing to knit. They were having a sale on sock yarn and I really wanted some with really long color repeats. The knitting class was using the silk/viscose yarn and we were learning a weird stitch that I've never heard of and was having a hard time understanding. Something about making an A and then doing something else with it.

So that must be a sign that I knit too much.

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