Wednesday, April 15, 2009

random bits

I put Dove Solid Milk Chocolate Eggs in all the Easter baskets. Patrick doesn't like them and there are four of them sitting on the counter taunting me. I think if they're not gone by tonight, I will be throwing them away. Also, Gemma likes unwrapping them but doesn't like to eat them. So she either hands them to me or to Oona. This is pure torture.

I'm holding out, though, for my prize which I think I've finally decided on - though it's open to change since I have until October to really make up my mind. I think, though, that it will be yarn for the Cunningsburgh jacket with the Plymouth Boku yarn as the color part and I thought Reynolds Lite Lopi yarn in Ash for the background. And then, I'm going to ask (complete side note here - Gemma just handed me a jelly bean, aargh!) my sister Anne who lives near a Hobby Lobby to keep an eye out for some Caron Simply Soft Shadows yarn for the Infinity Wrap. Of course, when I'm going to find time to actually knit/crochet these projects is another question.

Speaking of knitting projects, I've finished the front and back of the Kaftan Dress and have started the first sleeve. I'd been hoping to finish it for my anniversary (five years on May 1) but that doesn't look likely. We'll see. Maybe I'll get some marathon knitting time between now and then.

On another note, Gemma is getting closer to potty training, I think. This morning she took her pants and diaper off after she pooped. That was very nice, except for the fact that it demanded that I get up right then and clean her up because, silly me, I didn't want poop smeared all over her clothes, the floor or the furniture. I have a feeling though that potty training in general will be pretty messy.

And it's a beautiful sunny day outside. We went to the park and had a good walk. We played on the slide.

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  1. Hi Gretchen, this is Rachel from Mindful Mamas. Stumbled upon your blog through Megan's, whom I found through Ivory's blog.

    Five years this year hmm? Me too, in August.