Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jack's poem

Have I mentioned the challenges of parenting teenagers? This poem is awful and wonderful at the same time. It's clever and well written and made me chuckle. And it's just sooo teenage boy. And I can't believe that Jack wrote it - both in a good way and a he should get in trouble way. Charming, isn't it? (special note: Jack is actually quite respectful of girls and women and this poem is meant to be funny and does not reflect his feelings - just his sense of humor.)

Love Poem

You think you're hot
You're not
You have the eyes of a doll
The ones from Chucky, that's all

I love how you carefully look for your dog, the mutt
I say, "hey look behind you, lady; it's stuck on your butt."
Smothered in poodle urine is thy handbag
It could probably make a maggot gag

The greasy, flea bitten scalp of thee
Harbors all of the demons of the sea
I really don't care that your pits could do with a few good prunes
What bothers me is the mushrooms

The way your stretch marks are all in a bunch
It really makes me lose my lunch
You say you're a chick
But I know you have a


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