Sunday, April 5, 2009

yarn purchases

Remember my yarn guilt (posted March 22)? My husband and I were talking about whether we were going to get gifts for each other for our fifth anniversary coming up on May 1. He said there were a couple books he wanted so I ordered them for him. And he asked what I wanted. Guess what I said? Yep, you got it! Yarn! I fell in love with two crochet projects in the new Interweave Crochet Magazine. The Audrey Hat and the Blossom Kimono were the ones that caught my eyes. So I popped over to Knitpicks and did some research and picked out some yarn. I got Comfy Sport in Ivory and Marlin for the hat and CotLin in Harbour and Planetarium for the Kimono (deciding on two colors instead of three). I also got some Shadow laceweight in Vineyard Heather for the ZickZack Tunic from the Spring Interweave Knits Magazine. Here they are in opposite order.

But that is not all.... I went shopping at Joanns with a good friend yesterday and got very excited about crafts. I also got some pink sock yarn for Gemma. Fabric for two outfits each for the girls (my friend is sewing them for me as part of a trade). And I decided I had to have the book "Crochet That Fits" because it has the most adorable crocheted little girls dress in it that wouldn't take very long for me to make and then my friend who sews can do the lining. It would be perfect in Comfy Sport Yarn and under $15 for the yarn. The pattern calls for 600 yds for the dress. 600/136=4.4 skeins and you could also make it into an adorable top with probably 3 skeins at $2.79 a piece which would be $8.37 plus tax. I'm thinking I'd make a top because I think I would have the girls wear it more often as a top instead of a dress. We don't do many dressy occasions here.

And then, we got the new knitpicks catalogue in the mail and I'm wondering how I can order $50 worth again (to get free shipping , of course). So it would be yarn for the tops for the girls (Gemma, Oona, Abby, Norah (if I can figure out the sizing) and then maybe Ella and Alice if they want?), yarn for a top for my sister for Christmas (you have to plan these things way in advance, you know...) and then they have this new City Tweed yarn coming out at the end of April that I'm really excited about and think it would make an awesome sweater for Eric. It's DK weight so I might be able to make it up on my knitting machine if I can get that working.

And, and, and. I already have a ton of yarn for a ton of projects. But isn't this so exciting to think about? Now, I just need to be able to knit ten hours a day instead of writing about it on my blog... Ha!

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  1. You find a way to knit ten hours a day and then tell me how and we can knit together for ten hours a day! you already have me salivating over the yarn talking :) lol