Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just plain tired.

I'm missing Mindful Mamas at the moment. Two friends and their families have the flu. Five kids from Patrick's class went home sick yesterday. It is just in the air and I'm doing everything I can to not get it, including staying home from Mindful Mamas. I'm taking Airborne, Vitamin C and I even did my neti pot this morning. Pat was sick this past weekend with either the flu or a bad cold. Fingers crossed.... I really don't want it and I really don't want Oona or Gemma to have it. So with how tired I feel, I think it's a good idea to stay home and rest.

Why am I just so very tired? Well, sleep deprivation, sugar crashing, and pre-bed-time discussions about all the bad things happening in the world with the economy and everything and could this mean that the Mayan predictions about 2012 might be right on the money and if they are what does that mean for my life and for the girls who will be so young in 2012.

Sugar crashing - I know I wrote about this the other day but it is even worse today. The post-sugar depression and insecurity is full force today. It's in these moments when I feel like I really could give up sugar forever - that it is just not worth feeling like this. But just like childbirth, memory is selective and you forget how bad the bad parts were and just remember the good.

Remembering the good - what a great reminder for what is really important in life. I'm just hoping that there will always be something good to remember. There just has to be something good out there or else the saying every cloud has a silver lining would be dead wrong. It is hard to find that silver lining sometimes, but I'm hoping it will always be there. Especially if the Mayans were right.


  1. test test, trying to comment from IE instead of Firefox...

  2. SUCCESS! Woooooo!

    We missed you today, but truly I was in a funk so I wasn't much for company. When you find the silver lining, let me know, okay? :)

  3. If the Mayans were right? IF?? Oh ye of little Mayan faith :) If they are right, sugar will become a non-problem fairly soon :)