Wednesday, March 11, 2009

all the time in the world

My sister posted on Ravelry the question "If you had all the time in the world, what ten things would you most want to do?" Here's my answer - not really in order of importance.

1) be everything i want to be all at once - mid-wife, massage therapist, teacher, wife, mother, and play in a symphony or chamber music group.
2) knit - all my sweaters and socks and scarves etc would be hand-knit
3) learn how to spin and dye my own yarn
4) travel
5) read
6) learn photography
7) yoga practice
8) walks in scenic settings
9) fix-up and decorate my home
10) spend time with extended family and friends at my leisure

How I'm really spending my time? Becoming addicted to FreeCell. Oona is to blame. She hasn't been falling asleep nursing lately and so that I don't get mad at her wondering why she isn't asleep yet, I sit in the half-dark and play FreeCell until she does finally fall asleep. It's good for my brain, right?

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