Saturday, March 14, 2009

cat in the hat and other stories

Gemma is saying more and more words, though most of what she says is relatively unintelligible. Like she says "nuss" for sun, and "peas" is pants and "ah" is on and and "mamie" is mermaid. Every day is a new word. Today I was very impressed. She pulled off the book "Cat in the Hat" from the shelf and she said "cat in the hat" very clearly. Wow! Then I tell my husband this wonderful story and guess what? She's been doing that for a few days now. So, old story, no news - but I'm still impressed. :)

I told the boys today that they would have problems because they'd have so many girls after them. My backhand way of saying that they're good looking - which they really are. And they replied, "So, what's the problem?" Ha!

And Oona has figured out how to open the garbage in the bathroom - a very impressive skill. She has also figured out that when I put my hand on the lid that I'm trying to stop her from opening it. Even more impressive! She keeps trying to pull my hand off the lid. Luckily I'm still stronger than she is. :)

I'm still fighting off this cold but I think I'm winning - fingers crossed, knock on wood. And I'm knitting away at my Kaftan dress. I'm on the front and have gotten to the waist shaping. I'm excited to finish it. I plan to mark the occasion by actually having a real dinner date with my husband. I don't even remember the last time we had a real dinner date. I can't finish it too soon because Oona needs to be able to go to bed without her Mama. Right now that sounds so wonderful - to have that freedom to be gone from the house at 7 pm. In actuality, I most likely will feel sad and like my left arm is missing...

That's all for now.

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