Sunday, November 15, 2009

the why's have it

You know how development happens overnight sometimes? I've been wondering 'why' Gemma hadn't started the 'why, why, why' part of toddlerhood yet. Most of her friends are already in that phase and have been for awhile. Well, the why's have started with a vengeance this morning. It's gone from almost no why's yesterday to everything why today. Each baby/toddler/kid develops at it's own pace, right? That's something I have to remind myself of constantly. I tend to be so proud of the things she's ahead on and worry endlessly about the things she's either on track or behind on. Now, that is just nuts. I need to give that up.

In other news, I finished one hat yesterday. It turned out pretty good, though hopefully blocking will help. I guess I don't have to worry about Christmas knitting too much, then... I cast on for hat number two and will start it today. I'm doing the raglan decreases for Gemma's cardigan. I'm going to make some irish crochet roses like these. I hope they're not too big... I'll get to pictures one of these days.

And I'm on day two (again) of no sugar. I failed last attempt. So now I'm on a six week challenge and am thinking of doing a small prize at the end. Wish me luck. The challenge will go right through the holiday season. But maybe my waistband will be a little looser...

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