Sunday, November 1, 2009

bye-bye cake

I just threw away half of a birthday cake. Wow. That was very hard to do, and to see it's sugary deliciousness sitting at the bottom of the garbage can. Sigh... I was very proud of myself, though. Throwing that cake away was an important step to going sugar free for at least the next while. My tightening waist band agrees with me. In the past month, with three birthdays, I got to toxic sugar levels. All I wanted to eat was sugar for breakfast, sugar for snack, sugar for lunch, for snack, for dinner, for snack. It's no wonder my waist band isn't so happy with me. So here I go, cold turkey, no sweets. I know I'll feel more human in two weeks. I forget how much sugar bothers me and affects my mood, etc. Then I go toxic and I remember. Then I have to repeat the hard work of going off sugar and I start marvelling at my new found levels of patience. Today, of course, patience levels are still very low. But past experience tells me I'll feel better soon...

The birthday cake was one thing. Add Halloween candy and baked goods gifted to us by a friend who got the baking bug and my powers of resistance are being sorely tested. Oona keeps eating half of a piece of candy, saying all done, and handing the rest to me. So far, I have won out and have thrown those away. They're kind of slobbery anyway...

So here I go. One minute at a time but very much looking forward to feeling better in a couple weeks.

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  1. I've been thinking I need to do this, too! I decided last night to cut out all refined sugar, and made it through the day saying no to a soda and halloween candy...and then I had a (really delicious) maple yogurt. Its hard, you know? I know this is an odd way to contact you, but I was wondering if you might be able to email me your mailing address? +Chelsea (