Wednesday, October 6, 2010

27 weeks

The pregnancy focus of the week is incredulity at having three more months to go. Pregnancy time is bizarre. Everybody else marvels at how fast it goes. Pregnancy is an extremely slow time for me.

I really enjoyed this book recently - a loaner from a friend. I think I need to get my own copy. Donna Eden's "Energy Medicine for Women" has a lot of cool pointers in it. I've said before that western medicine is still mystified about the female cycle. The main solutions are birth control pill and surgery, neither of which really address the cause. I guess many pharmaceuticals fall under that category. I'm not anti-western medicine by any means but I do acknowledge its limitations. Eden gives a lot of mini-exercises to do, mostly based in acupuncture, that can help with female symptoms - PMS, difficult periods, pregnancy, menopause.

The connection between the book and the way I experience pregnancy is that Eden writes about having very difficult PMS (though she was fortunate to have easy pregnancies) and how in some ways each month, she receives the gift of needing to go inward - PMS as a spiritual journey so to speak. I'm the opposite - my PMS symptoms are quite manageable (knock on wood) but pregnancy is a test, a huge test, of endurance and patience. So I guess pregnancy is a gift. The obvious is the baby at the end of the journey. The less obvious is the required slowing down, going inward. I'm forced to live each day in a very different way than I would have other wise. Isn't that some sort of spiritual journey?

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