Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year

I had a blue start to my new year that matched the blue moon, I guess. I think it was because I had a sugar binge and then I stopped cold turkey and my seratonin levels plunged. I also gained several inches to my waist in the process which I'm not happy about. In the past, I've lost those inches two to four weeks into the no sugar campaign. I'm really really hoping I do because if I don't, I will need to go out and by clothes the next size up. And I'm already having a hard enough time being the size I am which is one size bigger than I was before babies. So to be two sizes bigger than the clothes I had to get rid of because I gave up believing that I'd ever fit into them again. I struggle with negative body image and feeling fat. So this is an opportunity to change that.

To help that struggle, my main new years resolution is to eat well. My chiropracter recommended The Schwarzbein Principle. I've read it and it makes a lot of sense with my experience. So that is what I'm going to try for this year. And I'm really hoping it works for me. Schwarzbein says that it can take time for the program to work. But I like that. Too many of the quick fix diets don't last. If this one works, then I'll be following it for the rest of my life.

I was originally going to write a lovely post of New Year's resolutions. But my low feeling has left me feeling negative and sarcastic about myself. I'll stick with three:

- eat well
- be present
- be patient

Happy New Year! I'm sure I will de-funk soon and be more optimistic and cheerful. :)


  1. Do you get the produce boxes from Fresh Abundance?

    I found that getting them really helps me eat well. Because then I have all of this healthy food sitting in my house that I will feel really guilty about if I let it go bad. Plus, to go hand-in-hand with that, it saves me from going to the grocery store and seeing tasty sugary things while I'm there and buying them and eating them. So really, it's a win-win for me.


  2. I have tried them. They're fruit heavy, though, which triggers my sugar cravings. If they had a vegetable only box, I might go for that.

    I'm into week two no sweets and starting to feel better.