Saturday, January 23, 2010

disappearing fabric mystery


A week and a day ago (I think) I was given a kitchen garbage bag full of very nice fabric including some very nice velvet and some girls size 7-8-10 patterns. I took everything out and looked at it and it didn't go back in immediately. Then Monday (I think), I finally got around to putting it all back in the bag. I left it in the kitchen (I think) not knowing where I was going to put it.

I had a brain fuzzy week and I thought no more of it.

The cleaning and putting things away bug bit me this afternoon. I thought to myself, "Oh yeah, where is that bag of fabric anyways?"

Eric and the boys are gone and I can't ask them. I can't find it. I looked everywhere I could think of. I started thinking. It looked an awful lot like a bag of kitchen garbage and it was sitting in the kitchen. No, of course, nobody would throw it away. Would they? And garbage day has come and gone. So...

I'm waiting for Eric and the boys to return and then this blog post will be completed. Until then...

Well, they're back and nobody knows or is willing to claim it. So for now it remains a complete mystery. Either it's gone or it will magically appear where I least expect it.


  1. that would bite my brain all night and not allow sleep, I wish you a restful night :)

  2. oh no. I don't know how many times Tom has thrown out something that (admittedly) looks like trash, but which i was working on. Actually, just yesterday he tried to throw out a lampshade i am using as a template - I had to pull it out of the trash and rinse it off, make the template and put it back right away. I'm glad he is a cleaner (someone in this house needs to be) but arggggg stop throwing my stuff away!

    I hope it shows up soon. :(