Monday, September 21, 2009

sickness update

The boys are back at school today with no fevers. Patrick had a bit of a weird cough this morning but no fever so I let him go. Eric still hasn't gotten sick and I'm extremely envious. Oona has a mildly drippy nose and no fever. Gemma woke up with her eyes glued shut and a very very green goopy nose, though no fever. She has a doctor's appointment at 4 pm. And I still have a fever - day 7. I asked the nurse at the pediatrician's if I should make an appointment for me at my doctor's if I've had a fever for seven days and she thought I really should. So I have an appointment at 3:15 at the same place my husband has gone for his annual blood work checks. I don't have a doctor outside of my ob/gyn, though I guess I do now. Maybe I'll get my cholesterol checked, etc. I usually don't go for what western medicine has to offer and am generally healthy anyways so haven't had a primary care doctor. But if you need antibiotics you need them and I'm half hoping that I need them just because I want to feel better already.

I just so want to return to real life. I was feeling better yesterday and was absolutely convinced that I would wake up with a normal temp this morning. I was so sad when I read the thermometer this morning. It was almost normal yesterday afternoon. But I've been shivery and hot and then I feel fine and then I feel awful. It is very strange. And I'm pissed off and depressed and annoyed and sad. I want to knit with my friends. I want my girls to be able to play with their friends. I want to go to work. I want to clean my house. I want to be able to go to the grocery store. I want to go for walks. I want to be healthy! Please?

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