Friday, February 27, 2009


I've been experiencing pelvic pain the past couple days which means my cycle is coming back and endometriosis symtoms with it. Oona is ten months old so it makes sense that my cycle is returning. I'm not enjoying the return of the symptoms, though. It hurts!

I found this web-site today - Something worth exploring. The diet described as a treatment option is quite drastic, though. I'm not ready to do it with a nursing baby. Maybe I need to find a Naturopath to work with on diet because the diet mentioned above is really low protein and I've been finding I feel better with quite a bit of protein because of my sugar sensitivities etc. So how to integrate the two different diet styles into one diet... I'm also considering trying the Mirena IUD which won't cure it but would post-pone things for awhile. I'm a bit concerned, though, about the reports of increase in ovarian cysts. Those hurt, too.

Louise Hay in her book "You Can Heal Your Life" doesn't have anything specifically for endometriosis. For female problems it says "denial of self. rejecting femininity. rejection of the feminine principle." For fibroid tumors and cysts it says "nursing a hurt from a partner. a blow to the feminine ego." For ovaries "represents points of creation. creativity." uterus "represents the home of creativity." So using her kind of logic, the endometrial lining would be about the comfort, the padding to which creativity attaches itself - the comforts in the home of creativity. Creativity can't take root without it. But what if there is too much or it's in the wrong place? And do I deny myself or reject my femininity or the feminine principle? What does she really mean by that?

So right now I have more questions than answers, but this is all food for thought.

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