Friday, May 21, 2010


Today I will have my first appointment with my mid-wife for my pregnancy. So far my friend who said this pregnancy would be a lot easier than Oona's and Gemma's has been right on. I get tired easily and have some nausea, especially if remotely dehydrated. But if I rest when I need to rest and if I drink a lot of water, it's really not bad. I have soooo much more energy than I did with Oona. That is good news. Every now and again I worry that the lack of symptoms means that I have a higher risk of miscarrying, but whenever I worry about that, I get worse symptoms. So I think I shouldn't worry.

Being pregnant again is surreal. Every time my belly bumps into something, I'm like, oh yeah, I'm pregnant. My husband gets tired of me talking about pregnancy symptoms. But sometimes it's so hard to believe that I'm actually pregnant, each symptom is a reminder and pregnancy seems to create a one track mind in me. Even though this pregnancy isn't *exactly* a surprise, it is still a surprise. It wasn't necessarily in my five year plan or even my ten year plan. But here we go and welcome to the spirit baby. I will find out the gender and I hope it's the one he's told me it will be.

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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! Looking forward to following your blog.