Sunday, December 27, 2009

I made it past Christmas

My last post was on November 30. Between then and now, I worked frantically on finishing Christmas presents. Maybe next year I won't sign up for so many, though I'm already thinking of things to make for people.

What I can remember that I made for Christmas this year:

- amigurumi spider
- amigurumi tiger
- amigurumi zebra
- amigurumi manta ray
- amigurumi cupcakes
- amigurumi cat
- amugurumi bunny
- pair of socks
- two dishclothes
- two mitered hanging towels
- 5 coffee cup sleeves
- 10 crochet snowflakes
- 2 toddler fleece bathrobes
- 3 mens large fleece bathrobes with flannel lining
- 2 silky pillowcases
- 3 fairisle hats
- two butterfly dolls
- one necklace pendant
- one necklace
- cable toddler cardigan
- toddler cardigan with crochet flowers
- one lace shawl

I think that is it. No wonder I've been busy! I'm sorry, though, that I don't have pictures of everything... That would make for a much more interesting post, but as one of my aunts says, "Oh well!"

Now I've started a sweater for me and a baby blanket for a friend.

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