Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the welcome home of all welcome homes

On arriving home from work last night, both babies started crying. Gemma took a break and gave me a big hug and showed excitement to see me. In the end, I just laid down on the floor and had two screaming babies crawling all over me. I figured they were mad about something and who can blame them when I've been gone all day. It's not the most relaxing way to end your day, though.

Three nights ago, I decided to do an experiment and put the side of the crib back on Oona's crib. The first night she was up for about a total of three hours. And then the same thing happened the next night. Last night, I took the side of the crib back off and returned the crib to the side-car position and Oona did much much much better. I, of course, start wondering when I'm ever going to get to sleep in my room with no babies in it. I mean Gemma was sleeping by herself in her crib next to our bed when she was Oona's age and moved into a toddler bed at the other side of the room shortly thereafter, so why can't Oona do the same thing? I guess this is another reminder that just because they're sisters doesn't mean they're they same. And sleep is a precious commodity so you do what you do to get the most possible. I'm really really really really really looking forward to when Oona and Gemma will share a room and my room will be my room once again. In that way, it's the same as being pregnant. By the time the baby comes out, you're really ready and don't care about being in labor. So by the time it's time for Oona to go into her own room, I will be really ready so won't be so sad, though I'm sure I'll be a little sad.

On another note, we're excited to get visitors this coming weekend. My sister and her family are coming as a mid-point in a quite ambitious camping trip.I'm going to make sure my camera batteries are charged and hope to get some good pictures. It will be really nice to see my sister.

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